China, U.S., Taiwan ship more computers, electronics to Vietnam

HCMC – Vietnam spent US$5.05 billion, US$1.78 billion and US$2.04 billion importing computers and electronic products from China, the United States and Taiwan in the first five months of the year, surging 80.8%, 46.2% and 43.2% over the same period last year, respectively.
 According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the country imported US$20.12 billion worth of computers and electronic goods during the period, up 19.3% year-on-year. These were among Vietnam's largest import items in the period.
In particular, though South Korea was the largest supplier of computers and electronic products to Vietnam, with turnover of US$7.23 billion, China, the United States and Taiwan reported the highest growth in revenue from the export of these products to Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Vietnam exported US$12.55 billion worth of these products in the five-month period, a year-on-year increase of 13.1%. China took the lead with US$3.19 billion, followed by the European Union with US$2.05 billion, the United States with US$1.78 billion and South Korea with US$1.16 billion.
Thus, the country ran a trade deficit of US$7.57 billion for these products in the January-May period.
Phones and phone parts brought the highest export revenue in the first five months of the year, reaching US$19.72 billion.
The export of textiles and garments; machinery, equipment, tools and machine parts; footwear; wood and wooden products; and iron and steel also posted double-digit growth, but the country still had a trade deficit of US$430 million between January and May.